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Vehicle recovery


  • We try to avoid complex situations that make recovery difficult in the long run. Our recovery methods are simple to understand by the borrower or lessee and are communicated in a balanced and firm manner, which increases the rate of voluntary deliveries.
  • Our service is generally cheaper and faster than traditional legal services.
  • We have a location service for difficult cases involving different levels of research, and therefore cost.

Basic description of the recovery process:

  • Autorecupera offers a comprehensive service, from first contact with the user failing to pay their instalments, to the purchase and transfer of the vehicle.
  • The service can be adapted to the needs of each client, hiring only the required services, however, activities with a blue background make up our core added value services.
  • We recover any type of vehicle or registrable machinery and we acquire all those with a GVW below 3,500 kg.

For more information call us at (+34) 916 169 777 or send us an email to the following address: recuperados@autorecupera.com