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How does the auction work?

How to make purchases at Autorecupera.com

Acquiring damaged, broken down and salvage vehicles in the Auction Platform is a simple and transparent process. Autorecupera aims to be a leading marketplace for damaged cars, offering a permanent stock and maximum reliability when purchasing. Here's how to do it:


Step 1. Register for free:

Register as a user following this link (http://www.autorecupera.com/en/registry).

It is a fairly simple process in which we will ask for your phone number and email address. At AUTORECUPERA.COM we take the identification of our users very seriously because we want the auction process to be reliable and transparent.

Once you’re registered, we will call you or send you an email to request additional documents. Autorecupera handles the sale of salvage vehicles to repair shops, scrapping facilities, companies, and even professional mechanics. However, we require users to be authorised beforehand, so as to ensure that they know what the purchase of this type of vehicle entails and place their bids responsibly.

Please remember that this process can take a few hours or even days. Keep this in mind because the auction of the car you are interested may end before.


Step 2. Seek out and identify the vehicle that interests you:

The Autorecupera team is constantly renewing agreements in order to build a large catalogue where you can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.

All available vehicles can be accessed at http://www.autorecupera.com/en/ver-subastas , though on the left panel you can make advanced searches according to brand, model, version, price and even by type of damage (mechanical failure, impact damage, total loss or recovered vehicle).

In each case we try to include as much graphic, technical and damage-related information as possible, though you can always call us at 916 169 777 if you have any questions, which we will address to the best of our ability.


Step 3. Bidding on vehicles.

Through our platform at www.autorecupera.com there are several ways you can bid on the vehicles you are interested in:

Simple bids, which will increase bids by € 50 or € 100 depending on the value of the vehicle. Once each bid goes through you must stay on top of other possible bids until the end of the auction, where you can check if you are the top bidder.  Last-minute bids: if a new bid comes in within the last minute of the auction, the bid deadline will be automatically increased by one minute to allow bidders time to react to the new bid. As in traditional auctions, the deadline is approximate since the actual finish time will depend on last-minute bids.

Automatic bidding; you can place bids automatically by entering the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle. This amount is kept hidden from the other bidders, the seller and even the Autorecupera staff, and will be used by the system to place bids on your behalf using only the amount needed to keep you as top bidder up to the amount you have set. If another bidder sets a higher maximum amount, you will be outbid by them; but if no other bidder offers an amount higher than yours, you’ll win the bid. Automatic bidding is activated directly in the same box used to place regular bids.

Direct purchases. Certain vehicles have a "Direct purchase" price option next to the "I want it" button. If you decide to pay this price, the auction will stop immediately and you can go on to the next step of the process: completing the purchase. You will notice that most cars have an invalid direct purchase price of € 99,999 or € 9,999, which means that the seller prefers that the auction is held without a direct purchase option.  


Step 4. Completing the sale.

If you are the top bidder, congratulations! You will receive an electronic communication with all details for acquiring your vehicle. Often the owner of the vehicle has reserved the right to accept or reject the top bid, as indicated in each vehicle file. In these cases, Autorecupera will inform you that your offer has been sent, and if accepted, you will be notified immediately so as to proceed with completing the sale. In other cases this step will not be necessary and you will be able to finish the transaction immediately. You can obtain more information in the PURCHASER OBLIGATIONS section of the general conditions.

Autorecupera uses different means (email, text message or call) to inform you of all you need to know to pay for the vehicle and the corresponding transaction fees. From that moment on you will have two business days to complete the payment and notify us by sending proof of payment to administracion@autorecupera.com.

Autorecupera’s administrative fees and ownership transfer fees with the traffic authorities are the following (without VAT):


* If the owner of the vehicle is an individual, and the professional buyer wants to make the purchase as an individual, the transfer fee is € 156. This way, the buyer will avoid having to pay the Spanish Property Transfer Tax (“Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales y Actos Jurídicos Documentados”), which ranges between 4% and 8%, depending on the region.

Once the payment is received, within seven working days you will receive a notification authorising you to collect the vehicle, and you will have five business days to do so.

At any time or if there is a problem in any of these steps, contact us as soon as possible at 916 169 777 or at clientes@autorecupera.com so that we can find an appropriate solution before incurring costs or other inconveniences.

In the general terms and conditions document that you accepted in the registration process, you have all the detailed information on how the auction process works and on the obligations of the seller, Autorecupera and the buyer: http://www.autorecupera.com/en/aviso-legal-y-condiciones-generales